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by Vinh

Aristaff HRM: Human resource management software, timekeeping, staff payroll on web platform that fully satisfies the profession.

  • Easily view and manage all employees in the organization tree model.
  • Assigning users to each department, each group of employee information.
  • Quick query of employee information. View resumes and print.
  • Manage labor contracts, keep track of contracts that are about to expire.
  • Manage information and results of training courses organized by the company.
  • Easily check input and output data, add timekeeping information quickly.
  • Manage permission: update the leave application and browse directly on the software.
  • Flexible salary calculation for each different period, salary by time, salary by product.
  • Calculate PIT and other payments to the State as prescribed.
  • 13th month bonus calculation and 13 month salary report template.
  • Diverse reports, allowing users to choose and create templates to analyze employee information, attendance, salary reports.

Technology Aristaff HRM

  • Aristaff HRM is a completely web-based product. Designed for optimal data upload / download streams.
  • Simple installation at the server, easy to upgrade.
  • Serving many platforms and devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones … only a web browser can be used.
Công nghệ


  • Installation cost: Installation only one place.
  • Hardware investment cost: No hardware required is too high.
  • Timeout: The processing speed is almost instantaneous for most of the program’s operations, helping users not have to be annoyed by waiting for the computer to process for too long.

System deployment

  • Quick installation at the client server.
  • Installed in cloud storage system.
  • Arito staff will guide the training, consultation, and support to install the product’s features.

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